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Walk-In Tubs

Soothe Aches and Pains and Prevent Falls with Therapeutic Walk In Bathtubs from Spectrum One

Are you tired of dealing with stiff, achy joints? Worried that you or a loved one will slip and fall in the tub, unable to get help when you need it?Make these pains and worries a thing of the past with safe, secure, therapeutic walk in bathtubs from Spectrum One.

Today’s therapeutic walk in tubs are designed with a variety of unique safety and stability features as well as for comfort and convenience.
We realize that as the population ages, the demand for safe household renovations continues to grow. That being said, there are a variety of walk in tub designers and installers in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Why choose Spectrum One? Simple – we put our customers first. We understand that everyone has unique needs with regard to their mobility and health, and we put those needs front and center of every tub we design and install.

Safety and Stability

Our therapeutic walk in tubs and showers are custom made from the highest quality materials and crafted from solidly engineered designs that are made to fit over your existing tub or shower. We work directly with the manufacturers, engineers and designers to craft a complete solution that provides you or your loved ones with greater safety and stability in the shower.

You may not realize it, but 95% of hip injuries are caused by slips and falls. A walk in tub or shower provides easy access and prevents the difficulty of getting in and out of the shower and thus greatly minimizing the chances of a slip or a fall. Our custom designed walk in tubs and showers are water tight yet easy to open and close – making them a great choice for individuals with arthritis and other issues affecting joints, muscles or stability.

As we age, our mobility can be impacted. Things that were once easy become more of a challenge. Being able to properly and hygienically (and safely!) clean oneself shouldn’t be a burden or a chore! Let the walk in tub experts at Spectrum One handle all your bath safety needs so that you can enjoy bathing and showering again!

Greater Independence

Walk in tubs are also an ideal solution for the handicapped or disabled. If getting in and out of your tub is a chore rather than a rejuvenating pleasure, call us and ask about how our walk in tubs and showers can make a significant difference in your quality of life.

If you struggle getting in and out of the tub and are looking for an easier way to get the help you need without a huge expense, you’ll be glad to know that Spectrum One makes caring for yourself easier than ever. Our walk in tubs and showers provide greater independence and let you go about your day in a way that’s convenient and easy. Avoid the fear and worry of slipping and falling and not being able to get help when you or a loved one needs it most. Walk in tubs from Spectrum One can make this a thing of the past. Our expert installation team will work with you or your loved ones at every step in the process, carefully answering your questions and ensuring that all your concerns are properly addressed. We want you to feel comfortable and excited about having your new walk in tub installed!

Stay In Your Home Longer

One of the biggest worries as we age is “will I be able to stay in my home?” Many preventable slips and falls can cause long term injury which necessitates convalescent care in a nursing home or other specialized care facility. Many people view this as a loss of independence and an end to the carefree joys of being able to care for and provide for oneself.

A walk in tub can give you the freedom and independence you want while keeping you safe. Because Spectrum One is involved in all aspects of the building and design process, we can custom make your walk in tub to better fit your unique needs. Our custom made walk in tubs are made to fill fast and drain quickly – keeping you warm, snug and comfortable at all stages of your bath.

Every tub we construct can be customized with a variety of safety features as well as stylish accents and colors designed to improve ease of use as well as aesthetic beauty. Keep reading for more details on the features that are built to keep you safe and independent.

The Rejuvenating Care You’ve Been Missing!

Many elderly or injured people greatly miss the soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating feeling of a good soak. A dash of your favorite salts or essential oils only makes the process even more revitalizing. Imagine how good your body will feel as hydrotherapy jets massage and warm stiff, achy joints and muscles. Let your full body relax as you’re treated to a deep massage the way only a hydrotherapy walk in tub can deliver.

With a variety of colors, sizes and door designs to choose from – whether you’re dealing with achy joints or serious mobility issues, or if safety is a concern, we can help! During our initial consultation, we’ll work with you to choose the options that best fit your needs, budget and even the style of your bathroom! That’s right – walk in tubs don’t have to be bulky, clunky, ugly things anymore. In fact, many homeowners tell us that they were able to increase the value of their home with the addition of a walk in tub from Spectrum One!

It’s the convenience, care and comfort you’ve been missing, and it’s more affordable than ever thanks to the skill and quality of the team at Spectrum One!

A Variety of Features to Keep You Safe

Perhaps the best thing about our therapeutic walk in tubs is their safety features. Ideal for multi generational households or anyone who simply wants to gain or regain their independence, our tubs are made with a variety of safety features in mind. Strong, resilient treats help prevent slipping without collecting dirt and grime.

Walking into the tub is as easy as taking a single step. There are no large thresholds to cross and no issues with balance or stability. We can also include adjustable shower heads, in bath seating, bubble jets and handrails for greater balance and relaxation. In many cases, even the temperature can be controlled so if you’re worried about a loved one accidentally getting scalded from the water, you can control the temperature to prevent this.

What’s more, Spectrum One tubs are designed to fill and drain quickly, letting you enjoy an immersive soak without the worry of feeling chilly or waiting a long time for the tub to drain. The swinging door also latches to make sure the tub is water tight and that the water doesn’t spill out onto your floor. Be careful not to use this door for balance, however! We can install hand rails for you to hold onto if you are concerned about this issue.

Don’t Compromise Style for Safety

Your bathroom is likely the most popular room in your home – and for good reason! Nothing helps you relax and unwind quite like a long, luxurious soak in the tub (wine and candles optional!). But some walk in tubs and showers look big, bulky and can detract away from the look of your bathroom.

That’s not the case when you work with the dedicated team at Spectrum One! We pride ourselves on custom designing a beautiful, convenient, easy to use walk in tub system that adds style to your home without the bulky, heavy look of a walk in tub. Today’s designer options are sleeker and safer than ever, while the many options available can be customized with all the features you’ve always wanted – for a relaxing, comfortable and safe experience like no other!

What Happens When I Work with Spectrum One on my New Walk in Tub?

You’re in for a treat! When you work with the team at Spectrum One for your walk in tub for your Sacramento home, you’ll enjoy reliable, reputable service that can only come from five star builders and installers. We’ll work with you (or your family members) to ensure that at every stage of the process, you’ll be able to see your new tub design come to life. We’ll instruct you on how to use it effectively and make sure that you have no trouble getting in or out.

And of course, we aim to please! Check out our comprehensive five star reviews on Angie’s List or our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau to see why over two decades of professional service means we don’t cut corners or take shortcuts. Everything we do, from design to installation of our walk in tubs, is made to make you feel more comfortable, self-assured and independent.

If you have any questions at any stage in the process, we welcome you to ask! Bring your concerns and issues to us and we’ll take the time to answer them all. Staying independent is a big factor in overall quality of life, and we want you to have the very best without breaking the bank! That’s why we work alongside engineers, designers and manufacturers to make sure your new walk in tub is truly the perfect fit for your needs and your lifestyle!

With a wide range of doors and installation options for those with limited mobility, you’ll find that you really can have it all with a walk in tub from Spectrum One. Enjoy safe, comfortable, relaxing bathing and massage away aches and pains. Not sure what colors, door style or other features are right for you? We can help you decide what’s perfect for your unique needs at our consultation!

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