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Solar Contractors Sacramento

Sacramento Solar Contractor

Solar Panel Setup, Installation and Optimization

At Spectrum-One, we understand you need to make the world a cleaner, greener place. Perhaps you already recycle, carpool or bike to work – but you don’t feel like it’s quite enough. You want to do more to help the environment, but also help your wallet as well. Solar power is the answer! Solar energy for your home is a great way to cut back on your electric use while harvesting the natural power of the sun. It’s both eco-friendly and efficient! Here’s how the Solar Contractor Sacramento at Spectrum-One can help:

Why Solar Energy?

Using solar energy to power your Sacramento home is a smart, eco-friendly choice that’s good for you and the environment. As a natural, renewable power source, you never have to worry about “running out” of sun, the way we do with fossil fuels. What’s more, once the solar panels are in place, there’s very little maintenance needed to keep them running smoothly each and every year.

In addition, solar panels are extremely quiet. The panels make no noise whatsoever, yet they work tirelessly to convert sunlight into usable energy. While they’re operating, solar electricity panels produce no emissions and have no harmful byproducts that can upset the natural balance of the environment.

Solar Panel Harvesting and Monitoring

Solar energy harnesses the power of photovoltaic (PV) panels to transform the sun’s rays into electricity. These PV panels work best in groups – enabling each one to take in the sun’s energy through its wide panel design. Most inferior solar units are often strung together haphazardly, and the electrical output is only as strong as the strongest solar panel module. That means all the other units are providing sub-par performance, and it also means you’re not getting the most out of the free energy you’re harnessing.

Solar panels installed by Sacramento Solar Contractor
by Spectrum-One are different. We use a variety of products from well-known solar manufacturers including SolarEdge, QuickMountPV, SolarWorldUSA and many more to ensure optimal setup of your solar system from start to finish. These companies have a proven track record in innovation throughout the solar industry, and have made great strides in creating PV panels, brackets and other systems which are designed to keep your panels running smoothly without damaging your roof – no matter what style of roofing you have.

Today’s solar powered systems are smarter, more effective and more durable than those you may have used or researched in the past. They can include built-in optimization functions and monitoring systems that detect when the power grid is down or automatically adjust depending on differences in DC voltage. This helps you save your appliances and devices from sudden power spikes or shut downs while giving you clean, green energy when and where it’s needed.

Solar Panel Mounting by Sacramento Solar Contractors

Why tear up your roof to have solar panels installed? At Spectrum-One, we’ve installed solar panels on a wide variety of roofs, from sloped to tiled and everything in between. If you have limited roof space, we can also install your solar panels at ground level. There are even systems available which maximize solar output by tracking and following the sun’s path to efficiently receive and transmit stable amounts of power throughout the day. With smart advances in building materials and bracketing systems, we’re able to install solar panels without tearing up your roof or adding unsightly designs to diminish from your home’s curb appeal. In short – you get the solar energy and savings you want, without detracting from your home’s natural beauty.

Whether you want to decrease your power bills or simply reduce your carbon footprint, Spectrum-One has a solar solution for you. We’ve worked on residential as well as commercial solar projects large and small – helping businesses stay profitable while minimizing their environmental impact. Homeowners love the ease of use and simplicity of the solar-powered products we use because they’re easy to understand and use. When you use solar energy – everyone wins.

Solar Panels and Complete Solar Powered Systems

One of the biggest issues when working with solar panels is maintaining a consistent voltage. Today’s PV systems allow the design to have different orientations, tilts and even module types along the same “string” of panels. This allows us to design a solar powered system that is optimal for your location, your roof (or installation area) and the area available. Inside your home, a solar power optimization system keeps voltage stable, preventing sudden changes that could disrupt your electronics.

Another concern is the water tightness of the installation. It’s common that homeowners and businesses are concerned about leakage or maintaining their solar panels to code. You’ll be glad to know that we, the Solar Installers Sacramento, only use 100% code compliant panels and system along with watertight mounts to ensure complete watertight protection for years to come.

Solar Inverter Installations by Solar Contractor Sacramento

Microinverters are the systems used to transfer the solar power that’s collected into affordable, green energy for your home or business. Normal solar “string” systems can be disrupted if a shadow cast by a tree or falling leaves causes a blockage between the sun’s rays and the panel itself. Unfortunately, with many systems, this can mean a significant difference in the output. In some lesser systems, if one panel goes out, the entire system shuts down because one of the panels isn’t receiving energy. What kind of return on investment is that?

At Spectrum-One, we use state of the art microinverters made by APSystems which consists of a thin, lightweight panel that allows for maximum output while letting you couple together as many as 44 photovoltaic modules. Weighing in at under 10 pounds, it’s a lightweight marvel of technology that will save you time and money. What’s more, even if one panel underperforms because of shadows or shade interfering with its solar collection, the rest of the system continues collecting, receiving and transferring power, with individual panel units that are designed to pick up where the underperforming one left off – keeping voltage stable and preventing fluctuations.

You’ll also be glad to know that all modern microinverters, especially those from APSystems, are designed to shut down in the case of an emergency, helping to protect system installers and emergency responders while keeping components safe.

What’s more, your solar inverter is easy to use and extremely user friendly. The architecture of solar panels mean that new advances and innovations are rapidly becoming available. This means that by working with Spectrum-One on the installation and setup of your new solar powered system, you’ll benefit by leveraging the latest in solar technology along with fully optimized, easy to monitor systems that make “going green” easier than ever. These new systems are easy to use and can be programmed with the push of a button, making it simple to keep your home or business powered with clean, green, free solar energy.

The Latest in Solar Trends

Solar Installation SacramentoNew trends are happening all the time in the solar energy industry. For example, many solar powered systems no longer require cumbersome roofing brackets or unusual angles to get their product to work on your property. These kinds of designs remain watertight and durable without destroying your roofing.

In addition, improvements are always being made on the photovoltaic panels that harness the energy. Whereas the shade or debris could cause one panel to underperform and thus affect the whole system, today’s energy monitoring systems prevent such issues from happening to give you a consistent and stable power output no matter what the weather is like outside.

At Spectrum-One, we keep abreast of all the happenings and changes in the solar power industry, and are always working with top rated solar innovation companies to ensure maximum compliance, energy savings and complete green innovations. If there’s a new product on the market that we think would be an optimum fit for your needs, we’ll tell you about it.

In short, we want to help you go greener with smart, effective, ingenious technology that works flawlessly to save you money while helping the environment. We want to help you create a smarter home using freely available power from the sun, while keeping all your appliances and devices fully powered and eager to tackled every day (rain or shine!) with ease.

A Wide Variety of Solar Products

At Spectrum-One, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” system for our customers. That’s why we work with you to determine your unique needs to find the solar powered products that are right for you. Deciding to invest in solar energy will not only decrease your electric bills over time, but today’s solar powered panels and systems are extremely affordable on nearly any budget. Having an efficient, “always on” source of power can also increase the sale value of your home, since today’s consumers are mindful about the environment and the impact of their power consumption on it. To that end, we have a wide range of products, both large and small, to help make the transition to solar simple and stress-free.

Whether you’re looking to update your home with solar or your dream home is still just a vision on paper, let the Sacramento home building professionals tackle the project with ease. We can even recommend the optimal path when considering solar for your home or business construction. Consider Spectrum-One for your Solar Panels Installation in Sacramento.

Call us today at 916-571-2830 and tell us more about your construction needs. We’ll carefully consider the available options to help you maximize your energy efficiency and minimize your carbon footprint. And if you have any questions about solar power, solar panel installation in Sacramento or how to change your existing home over to a solar optimized power system, we’d be delighted to answer those questions as well! Consider Spectrum-One your source for all things solar. Give us a call now for more information and to receive a free, no obligation quote on your solar installation product. We work with both new and existing homes as well as home renovations and can craft a solar panel installation plan that will keep your home fully powered for whatever today – and tomorrow – may bring.

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