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Save Money with These 10 Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The cost of bathroom remodeling is typically the first thing most homeowners will think about. This is because kitchens and bathrooms are often regarded as the two most costly rooms to remodel. But your bathroom remodeling does not have to be expensive. 

At Spectrum One – Natomas Showroom, we love to talk about home remodeling and how you can save money on your next home remodeling project. We’ve gathered ten money-saving ideas to help you complete your renovation on a budget.

Budget and Plan Thoroughly

The most effective strategy to save money on a bathroom makeover is to create a detailed plan and stick to it. If you realize how much cash you have to use, you’ll know how much time you have to commit to each piece of the renovation.

Make your design within your budget, making sure to look through every piece, such as the tiles, vanities, paint, and décor. This way, there will be no confusion or surprises when the expense or the final job comes.

Maintain the Size and Layout of the Bathroom

Enlarging or reorganizing a bathroom sometimes necessitates the relocation of plumbing fixtures, which can be costly. Moving the toilet discharge and sewage pipe is another expensive project. So, to save money, only resize or change the bathroom layout if needed.

The most expensive part of a bathroom renovation is moving things that are fixed. During a redesign, you can change the size or structure of your bathroom. However, you must consider the benefits against the financial effect of the remodel.

Preserve the Plumbing Fixtures

While large-size bathroom renovations involve the relocation of the toilet or tub, keeping them where they are will save you a ton of money. If you have a 5′ x 7′ standard size bathroom, you don’t have much of a choice then. The layout you design is probably the only one that will fit in your bathroom. 

Even if you don’t relocate the plumbing, you’ll have plenty of chances anyway to replace or move them and make other changes to make your bathroom uniquely yours. At Spectrum One – Natomas Showroom in Sacramento, CA, we’ll gladly help you find the best addition to your bathroom.

Look for Less Expensive Alternatives

While tile is fashionable and physically pleasing, it is costly and complex to install. We advise tiling either to your walls or your flooring but not both to save money. If you can avoid using tiles entirely, you can cut your expenses significantly.

When it comes to the finer details of your bathroom, like light fittings and toilet paper holders, browse at garage sales and thrift shops. Who knows, you could come upon a refurbished washstand or claw-foot tub while you’re there.

Shelves vs. Cabinets

Cabinetry may be one of the most expensive features of a bathroom renovation, especially if you want a lot of storage or have a lot of cupboards to replace. Shelving is a good option that provides the same storage capacity for a lot less money. Consider installing wall-mounted shelves below the toilet or floor-standing units on free walls. Shelves provide many decorative potentials.

Choose Your Wall Art with Caution

It’s tough to beautify your bathroom. High moisture in the air may quickly ruin fine artwork. We say avoid paintings, which are frequently bent by steam. Framed photos and posters, in general, do nicely in bathrooms.

You may also buy ceramic items such as stylish plates or metallic wall art. You can also display photos of your family and loved ones if you’re redecorating your bathroom on a budget. Before hanging it, the frame should be entirely sealed and has strong support.

Don’t Buy Super Expensive Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks, in comparison to kitchen sinks, are comparatively light usage. Skip the top names in the market and go for a simple ceramic under-mount type online or at your local ceramic store. Nobody will notice the difference. And the funds can go to buy more aesthetic features.

Think About Your Tile Options

Designer or artisan tile can give your bathroom a superb look but an interior decorator can offer lower-cost tile materials, unique patterns, and distinctive grout colors that can provide just as much sparkle for a cheaper budget. Also, consider lowering the floor space when installing your tiles.

There’s no need for the tile in your shower partition to extend up to the top. And for walls around your bathtub and shower, consider alternatives, such as a backer board. It can liven up your room while still looking attractive.

Paint Them

Paint is a low-cost makeover that can give your bathroom a lot of flairs. Work with your contractor to select the optimal color for an accent wall, or go all out and paint the ceilings a striking hue. Keep your tiles in neutral paint so you can change your color palette whenever you choose. It’s a lot less expensive than re-tiling!

Pay Attention to the Details

Are you satisfied with your walls, flooring, and vanity? Consider replacing your shower curtain or towels in your bathroom. We recommend deferring this until the conclusion of your bathroom renovation to ensure that the final touches complement your other designs. If you have extra funds, consider purchasing a new mirror or medicine cabinet. You can also buy secondhand ones online.

In Conclusion

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most vital projects to plan for your home. It has a significant effect on the way you live, and the bathroom is a room for everyday use. If you’ve just finished a bathroom renovation, we’d love to know how you saved your funds.

At Spectrum One – Natomas Showroom in Sacramento, CA, we’re always glad to answer your queries on material selection and innovative bathroom remodeling design. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We also recommend that you look at our website for more information.

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