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Hardwood Flooring Sacramento

Hardwood Flooring Sacramento

What is Hardwood Flooring?

Just like is sounds, hardwood flooring in made of timber, although newer “hardwood” materials are technically grasses, such as bamboo.
Among hardwood flooring, there are two primary types: solid and engineered. Solid hardwood flooring involves individual pieces that are milled from a single, larger piece of timber, including oak, ash, cherry, maple, and more.

On the other hand, engineered hardwood flooring is a manmade product consisting of two or more layers that are adhered at 90-degree angles to one another, thereby increasing its strength.

Hardwood Flooring Sacramento: The Ultimate in Elegance

It’s a fact: If you want a material that adds immense warmth to your Sacramento home, but one that is also easy to clean and feels great to walk on, hardwood flooring simply can’t be beat.

Hardwood Flooring Sacramento
Hardwood Flooring Sacramento
Hardwood Flooring Sacramento

What Are Some of the Pros & Cons of Hardwood Flooring?

Although variations in manufacturers, materials, and quality, as well as whether you choose solid or engineered flooring, can make a great deal of difference, some common pros related to hardwood floors include:

  1. Ease of maintenance – Simply sweep regularly and occasionally clean with liquid cleaner.
  2. Increased Value – In many instances, modern buyers prefer wood flooring over carpet or laminate flooring when purchasing a home in the Sacramento region, which may have the potential to provide you with a great return on investment.
  3. The Sky’s the Limit – By this we mean that there is a style of hardwood flooring to suit almost any homeowner’s tastes, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love for many years.

On the other hand, there are some things to think about when deciding to have Spectrum One install your hardwood floors:

  1. High Price – Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks related to hardwood flooring is its high cost. Sure, hardwood flooring Sacramento may be the last floor type you’ll ever need to install in your Sacramento home, so the long-term cost savings are big, but you’ll pay a premium for it upfront. We’ll talk more about this in a moment.
  2. Requires Maintenance – Like any other flooring type, including tile or laminate, your hardwood flooring will require periodic maintenance, but will often be more involved. In others words, damaged hardwood floors may require refinishing, which can be relatively expensive if required over a large area.
  3. Noise Levels – Like any hard, moderately shiny material, wood floors have a tendency to reflect sound back into the room, so it’s important to furnish the room appropriately in order to minimize this, including carpets and rugs.

Things to Think About Before Installing Hardwood Flooring in Your Sacramento Home

In addition to the above, here are some other important considerations you’ll need to keep in mind about hardwood floors:

  • Whether solid or engineered, hardwood floors are a natural material, and will flex depending on temperature and humidity. In fact, according to some sources, hardwood floors can flex about 2.6mm per year (about the width of 2 dimes). This is perfectly normal. In general though, engineered wood flooring will move less.
  • Because engineered hardwood flooring is more resistant to flexing due to temperature and humidity changes, it is an ideal solution for installation over a concrete subfloor or radiant heat.
    Wood is a renewable resource, and will often last the life of the building if properly maintained. As such, it can be considered an eco-friendly material.
  • Also, solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and re-stained many more times than engineered flooring, but will require periodic, moderately expensive refinishing.
    Finally, when compared to other types of flooring such as tile and laminate, hardwood flooring is much more susceptible to water damage, and can be more costly to repair or replace once this occurs.

Hardwood Flooring Grades

Truth be told, hardwood flooring isn’t subject to an official grading system, especially for species grown outside the United States. As such, the term “grade” typically refers to the floor’s look and texture (e.g. the area of the tree where the board was sawn, and the angle it was cut at), than it does its quality.
With this in mind, your Spectrum One representative will discuss all of your hardwood floor grading options during your free one-on-one consultation.

How Long Will it Take to Install Hardwood Flooring in My Sacramento Home?

How long your hardwood floors will take to install depends primarily on whether you’ve chosen solid or engineered flooring and the size of your Sacramento home. If the majority of the living areas in your home are hardwoods, then it may be necessary to move out while the process occurs, which will generally take between 1-7 days.

After completing your free consultation, we’ll be able to give you a much more concrete idea of what you can expect when your hardwood floors are installed.

I Love the Wood Floors in My Sacramento Home, But Some Areas Are Damaged. Can Spectrum One Help?

Nothing can bring your Sacramento home back to life quite like repairing and replacing its wood flooring, and Spectrum One has all the tools and knowledge necessary to bring them back to their former glory. Whether you simply need a few boards replaced or your entire home refinished, you can count on us to exceed your expectations. Get Started Today →

How Much Will Hardwood Flooring Sacramento Cost to Install?

In general, installing new hardwood flooring in your Sacramento home will cost between $7 and $11 per square foot, while refinishing your existing hardwood flooring will cost $1.25 to $4 per square foot.

What Are the Reasons Spectrum One is My Best Choice for Hardwood Flooring in Sacramento?

Considering the fact Spectrum One has been in business for more than two decades, and that we’ve built one of the best-known reputations for outstanding work and exceptional customer service in that time, the only reason not to call us to install your hardwood flooring is if you don’t like quality work at some of the most competitive prices in the Sacramento region.


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