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Deck Builder Sacramento

Deck Builder Sacramento

What is a Deck?

A deck is a structure made of wood, or a wood-like material, that is typically attached to the back portion of a home and features open space for gatherings and handrails for safety. Decks are completely customizable to your home, your needs, and your desires, and can feature everything from integrated benches to elaborate outdoor kitchens.

Whatever you need, Spectrum One has the experience and know-how to build any kind of deck you’d like onto your Sacramento home, from small to palatial, and from basic to extravagant.

Is Adding a Deck to My Sacramento Home a Good Idea? If So, Why?

With an average of 265 sunny days per year and warm weather to go along with it, Sacramento is definitely one of the better places in the US to enjoy all the outdoor benefits that having a deck can provide.

This is because decks act as an extension of your home, and can expand the usable space available to you, whether for relaxing with your loved ones, or entertaining friends during the weekend. In fact, it’s often the case that adding a deck to your home can delay (or even prevent) you from adding on to your home, and the much greater expense that comes with it.

As if this weren’t enough, Sacramento decks can also enhance and add beauty the exterior of your home, and can even increase its value. In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine, a deck can return about 87% of its original investment when it comes time to sell your home.

What Kind of Decks Can Deck Builder Sacramento Build?

Spectrum One’s years in business means that we Deck Builder Sacramento can build almost any size and style of deck imaginable. This means that if you just need something basic, we’ll be happy to help. But it also means that we can truly make your deck your own by adding custom touches such as outdoor lighting, your choice of railing systems, terraces and wood inlays, pergolas, and much more.

What Happens During Deck Construction?

After we’ve visited your Sacramento home for an in-depth consultation, decided on exactly which type of deck you’re interested in building, and taken the appropriate measurements, we’ll arrive on construction date ready to move you one step closer to your dream deck.

We’ll begin by digging footings and pouring concrete into the voids, after which we’ll start building the deck on top. In most instances, an average size deck can be built in less than a week.

Important Considerations About Choosing a Deck

Many people think that building a deck is something they can easily handle over the course of a weekend, and that they can achieve many of the same results they saw in a magazine. However, the reality is that quality deck design and construction can take decades of hands-on experience to master, and that they might just end up with an expensive, labor-intensive eyesore that will fall apart after one season.

Instead, it’s important that you count on a professional Sacramento residential construction company to build your deck, so you get the exact deck you want at an extremely competitive price, and that it enhances your home instead of detracts from it.

However, regardless of how well your deck is built, it’s important to remember that it will require regular maintenance, although the level and frequency of this maintenance is highly dependent on whether you choose a natural product, such as wood, or a man-made material, such as composite. With this said, traditional decking materials will typically need to be maintained on an annual basis, which involves removing debris, including between the boards, cleaning the deck with a special cleanser, re-sealing the deck, and replacing any missing or “popped” screws or nails.

On the other hand, man-made decking will need much less maintenance, and are often resistant to dirt and mildew stains. However, they will need to be cleaned regularly, which often involves a power washer and a special cleansing solution.

Can Spectrum One Repair My Deck?

Absolutely! If your existing Sacramento deck is looking a little long in the teeth, we’ll be happy to visit your home, discuss your needs, and give you a free, no-hassle consultation.

How Long Will it take You to Build My Deck?

Like most construction projects, how long it will take to build your Sacramento deck depends on numerous factors, including size, material, site preparation (e.g. grading of soil, etc.), customization options, and much more.

How Much Does a New Deck Cost?

Just like with the time involved, how much your Sacramento deck will cost depends primarily on how big you’d like it, what type of material you’d prefer to use, and any customization you’d like. In general though, you can expect to pay between $40 and $60 per square foot for pressure treated wood, and about $50 to $70 per square foot for hardwoods or composites.

At Spectrum One, we make it simple. Just give us a call and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. Once onsite, we’ll take a look at the area where you’d like to build a deck and discuss what you’d like, and then provide you with a rock-solid estimate, so you’ll know well in advance exactly how much your deck will cost.

What Kind of Deck-Building Experience Does Spectrum One Have?

Spectrum One’s more than two decades in business means that when you count on us, you have one of the most experience deck-building contractors in the entire Sacramento region at your side. Not only do we provide top-level services that take decades to master, but we also provide some of the most competitive, budget-friendly prices around.


The truth is that when you choose Spectrum One, you’re getting great quality services at an affordable price. To find out just how wonderful your next deck-building experience can be, give us a call today at 916-571-2830 to schedule your free consultation.