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Increase Your Bathroom Space with these Remodeling Hacks 

There are two main goals to consider when you plan to redesign a small bathroom space in your house – to maximize bathroom space and increase storage. These two can help improve the ease and comfort of your living space. However, they will need some ingenuity and smart thought. 

You’re likely to bobble over shampoo bottles while having a shower or trigger a tiny avalanche of different body wash and hair moisturizers. When looking for an item inside one of the bathroom cabinets, you might wind yourself moving many things out of the way until finding it. This means you’re running out of bathroom space.

So, during the bathroom remodeling process, you can make a range of changes to create a bathroom space that accommodates everything you need daily without looking crowded and disorganized. At Spectrum One – Natomas Showroom, we’re concerned about your convenience. If you’re redesigning a small bathroom and want to keep the same layout, consider the following hacks for increasing storage and space:

Place Mirrored Cabinets 

A mirrored shelf is an ideal 2-in-1 bathroom space option. While offering much-needed space for your items, it also has a mirror, which is essential in any bathroom. Mirrors may also provide the impression of a larger area, which is good in a small bathroom. Wall-hung mirror cabinets come in several styles and storage choices to help you design the ideal fashionable answer for your bathroom.

Personalized Vanities

Stock cabinets may appear to be a suitable option when upgrading your bathroom on a budget. However, readymade or stock vanity usually comes in a limited range of forms and sizes. It’s sometimes inconvenient and poses problems when addressing small or irregularly shaped bathrooms. You can install personalized vanity or cabinets that are made precisely for your bathroom space and the goods you wish to store. 

Personalized storage solutions can be blended directly into your area, allowing you to provide the necessary flow and space for doors. Furthermore, installing bathroom shelves with baskets or other inner accessories increases the adaptability of your bathroom space choices while costing no more than simple alternatives.

Towel Racks

Towel racks are often located on the wall or fastened to a radiator, but with limited bathroom space, having to use up valuable areas for a towel rack might be inconvenient. Consider mounting a pot rack on the back of the toilet or shower door. They are not only practical, but they also look beautiful!

Put Floating Shelves

When redesigning your bathroom, you can also increase bathroom space by placing floating shelves over your toilet or utilizing any available wall space. Generally speaking, you don’t wish for them to protrude to the point that they pose a threat, but even smaller shelves should provide enough surface area for cosmetics or a few decorative things.

These have grown in popularity in recent years, and they help you make the most of the bathroom space you have. There are several solutions for every bathroom available in various forms, designs, and sizes.

Place a Standalone Shower

Small bathrooms are typically built with a bathtub-shower combination. This configuration may appeal to you, particularly when you have young kids who still use the bathtub. However, when they grow up or your family structure changes, you may find that a separate shower meets your needs. Transforming your combined shower tub into a bathroom allows your renovation crew to build a shower closet or additional storage. A walk-in shower is also a great option.

Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets give useful bathroom space, but they may be unsightly in a small area. Installing constructed medicine cabinets that are set in your walls is indeed an answer to this problem. These cabinets may also store bath towels and other larger things if they have the appropriate size and depth.

If you choose to incorporate this in your bathroom remodeling project, take advantage of the chance to include lit mirrors and electrical outlets for connecting your hairdryer, digital toothbrush, and other accessories. Then, you may keep those products or tools within the cabinet.

Choose Small Items

Choose items that are appropriate for the size of your bathroom instead of those you dream you have. Don’t clog up a tiny area with a single massive cabinet if two separate, smaller bathroom cabinets would suffice.

Invest in a wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted bathroom sink, and keep stuff on compact shelves. Most importantly, maximize the utilization of any cabinets and storage places to prevent having trash on display. Clutter can reduce the space quickly, so keeping the bathroom neat and organized is necessary. Keep in mind that the two most crucial aspects of a bathroom space are that it operates well and is attractive.

Use Vertical Stacked Baskets

If you desire a more ordered bathroom but don’t want to deal with adding more shelves and drawers, you could always utilize tiled hanging baskets. These baskets are especially beneficial if you have a tiny room with limited bathroom space and storage but don’t have much time or money to spend on remodeling the bathroom.

In conclusion

Based on the solutions above, you will be able to increase your bathroom space and storage. Finally, hoping that these space-saving hacks have helped you see the potential in your little bathroom. You don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics or efficiency because you have limited bathroom space. 

Even when your bathroom is small does not mean it has to feel so small or inefficient. You may need to look at more creative, out-of-the-box techniques to increase storage and bathroom space.

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